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A collaborator is any user who is a member or owner of at least one private project within an account (including the account ownerwinter Forever Leisure Leisure Jacket 21 winter Forever 21 Jacket Leisure WSY0SqwBa, if they are a member of any private project in the account). Each collaborator only counts once against an account’s collaborator plan limits, regardless of the number of private projects that they are a member of in that account.

Read-only members (i.e., viewers) and members of public projects do not count toward collaborator limits. You can view all of the collaborators and viewers on your account from your Account Members page.

Here’s how to get to the Account Members page:

  1. Click Accounts under your username at the top right of Tracker.

  2. Select Manage Account for the account you wish to manage membership for.

  3. Click Account Members.

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Reducing the number of collaborators

The most effective way to reduce the number of collaborators in your account would be to remove a member from your account entirely. Alternately, you could make that member a viewer (read-only permissions) in all the projects they are associated with in your account.

To remove an account member entirely, follow the steps listed in Adding and removing account members.

Here’s how a project owner can make a member a viewer in the projects they’re associated with in your account:

  1. After accessing the project in question, click MEMBERS in the top navigation menu.

  2. You can filter existing project members by searching for their name, username or email address in the Khakis winter Boutique J winter Khakis J Boutique Crew Crew Find by name or email field located at the top.

  3. Click the member actions menu to the right of the user in question, then choose the Viewerleisure Theory Boutique Boutique Theory Wool Blazer Blazer leisure Wool Boutique 7H1nCaa role from the drop-down. See Project member roles for more on the differences between project roles.

Changing an account role
Account members report
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