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In order to provide information to the public regarding exposures to listed chemicals, OEHHA may request information from businesses pursuant to Title 27, California Code of Regulations, Article 2, section 25205(b).  The information provided by a business under Section 25205(b) is not a substitute for a “clear and reasonable” warning required by Health and Safety Code section 25249.6 (“The Act”).  At the same time, the failure of a business to provide information requested by OEHHA under Section 25205(b) is not a failure to provide a clear and reasonable warning in violation of the Act.

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OEHHA is subject to the California Public Records Act and other laws that require the release of certain information upon request. If you sign up for a listserve, please be aware that your name and e-mail may be provided to third parties. By signing up you are waiving any right to privacy you may have in the information you provide.

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